Your Success


At Steve Ediger Associates, we facilitate your success.

Decades of working in Information Technology and management with government, small businesses, non-profits, community organizations and schools supplied us with the skills and expertise to quickly identify and address your situation. We excel at providing the expertise that you need, and along the road, we’ve amassed a host of relationships with specialists who fill out our considerable expertise.

Primarily, we consult on technology, planning, organizational development and underpin these with unique approaches to facilitating your success.  We also offer other services, like mapping, etc.

Here’s what makes us special

  • We start and end with you. You know your situation. We’ll help you figure out the solution and stick with you until you are satisfied.
  • We insist on bringing all the stakeholders to the table, which saves money and produces solutions that work.
  • We build long term relationships, mostly because our clients are so satisfied they never leave.
  • We have been at this long enough (four decades) to quickly identify key trends and bring you the game-changers.

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