What the Monopoly, Google Chrome, no Java?

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I just got a notice from Sun Oracle that I needed o update my Java.  I didn’t particularly look at it; I’m prone to just accept updates, and they generally improve my life. So, I accepted it. After it installed, it prompted me to open a browser to test it.  Oh no!  Chrome came back and told me that it doesn’t play the latest version of Java.

Now, I don’t particularly like that Larry Ellison, founder of Oracle chose to buy out Sun, creator of Java, because he wanted to shut down mySql, a Sun open-source database that was eating into Oracle profits. However, I question the reason for this message from Google (we don’t play with Java anymore)..  Sure, Java might have fallen behind the curve, but I doubt it.  Java, at Sun, has enjoyed a fair amount of freedom and to all appearances is staying up with industry standards.

Perhaps, I’ll research it and find out that Google had good reason to suppress Java until they come up to standard, perhaps not.  If not, I’ve seen this behavior before.  Obviously, Google rules our lives more than Oracle.  Does this give Google the right to eliminate Java from their universe?  The pattern is old: the more dominant company wins at the expense of the less dominant, and the loss of all. Google and Oracle, lets get this straightened out soon!

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