Whether you have fractured decision processes, ineffective planning, an unresponsive workforce, or years of inadequate attention to technological change, we can help. Our mission is to facilitate your success. As facilitators we help you, as a group, get to the optimal solution for your situation, meaning that you end up with right-sized solutions within the grasp of your team. Our facilitation expertise comes from decades of community organizing, consensus process, organizational development and technology management.

We ground facilitation in the following principles:

  • Inviting everyone to the table provides the broadest possible input and expertise
  • Ensuring an equitable voice for each participant helps build solutions within your organization’s capacity that result in full buy-in
  • Adequate scoping of the situation produces right-sized results
  • Sufficient time to consider and solve the problem(s) assures a comprehensive solution

Our toolkit includes tools for for all situations in need of facilitation: conflict resolution, consensus-building, team-building, business planning, strategic planning, vision workshops and many more.

We can facilitate teams of 2 or 3, and we can bring in enough facilitators to handle groups of 100+ in your location or off-site.

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